Grande Ville is a locally owned Thai hotel. It is a about 3 star. Rooms were reasonable size but the bathroom is very small (common in SE Asia) but even a small Thai person would not fit under the shower without crouching and the shower head is fixed. There is a bar on the top floor (23rd) and it has great views over Bangkok - I spent a fabulous hour there watching an electric storm of some power blast over the city. It was so good we got the staff to turn the lights off so we could watch better.
There is a Thai Massage spa on site. But the real attraction is the location on the edge of Chinatown and within easy walking of the major attractions (palace, Wats etc) even in Bangkok steamy heat.
There is pay wifi and Internet acess. I dont recommend the tours sold in the lobby. Beaause of the location you are picked up first (0645 in our case) and the bus then winds through Bangkok to other hotels before it starts the tour.

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