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Bus Information

Grande Ville Bus Info

Budget traveler? Want to explore the bus routes? 

Staying at Grande Ville Hotel does not mean that you cannot  hop on and off the buses or getting around Bangkok. There are many buses passing around Grande Ville each day. To avoid confusion, we decide to give you the information of only two buses that pass Grande Ville but go to important places around.

Although the area around Grande Ville may look confusing as the streets are all one-way and there is no English information on the sides of the buses or at the bus stops, you can also enjoy the public transport services like the locals.

Explore the city and ride the buses on the very short route to and from Grande Ville Hotel.

If you know where to take the bus, you will not have a problem getting around Bangkok City from Grande Ville, both older part and newer part. We are located in the economical, residential area where transport to the business and touristic area of the city can easily be found. Are you wondering how the locals get around from here?

Below is the answer. Buses are cheap and reliable. They can take you to the below destinations fast as Grande Ville is in fact not far from all major locations. But most of the buses operate only during the day time and finish by 8 pm. However, night time taxi in this area does not cost much as Grande Ville situated in a great location, close to every major tourist attraction.

Grande Ville Bus Info map

Coming to Grande Ville from Hua Lum Pong National Train Station or MRT.

Bus No. 40

Coming from the airport by the airport link connecting to the subway (MRT) and do not want to take a taxi? Get on the bus no. 40 at the bus stop opposite to Hua Lum Pong National Train Station. ( when you arrive at Hua Lum Pong MRT Exit, just walk through the left tunnel to the other side of the road).You can take both the air-conditioned one (the yellow one) and the open-air one (the orange one). Then, you will ride pass Yaowarat Road and the bus will take a turn at the Grand China Princess Hotel to a Junction called Wat Tuek Junction and you can get off the bus at Sampeng Bus Stop. You can tell the bus collector in advance to inform you when the bus arrive to “Sampeng”- “Pai Sampeng”-in Thai. After you get off at Sampeng bus stop , cross the street.Turn right and walk along Yaowarat road to Grande Ville Hotel (just follow blue line in the map)

Going to Hua Lum Pong, MBK Mall, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza, BTS sky-train stations.
Air-conditioned Bus No. 40
From Grande Ville, cross the road to the opposite side and take the air-conditioned bus no. 40 to the city center, where all the trendy stuffs are. 

Note: open-air bus no. 40 will only go to Hua Lum Pong and then back, if you want to change the bus, you can hop on the air-conditioned bus no. 40 or on the air-conditioned bus no. 542 at Hua Lum Pong Bus stop. (The bus stop will be outside Hua Lum Pong) 

On the way back to Grande Ville, the bus no. 40 will stop at Sampeng Market bus-stop and you can walk along the blue line on the map back to the hotel.

Going to Bang Lum Poo, Khao San Road, Thammasat University, Salam Laung, The Grand Palace, the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Temple of Reclining Buddha, Democracy Monument.

Bus no. 56
Take the bus no. 56 (most of them are open-air buses but the air-conditioned ones are also the same) from Bus Stop, opposite to Grande Ville Hotel to Bang Lum Poo. (It will stop at the bus stop opposite to Bawonniwet Temple). Just to ensure that you will be there, you can tell the bus conductor that you would like to go to “Khao San” road - “Pai Thanon Khaosan”-in Thai. After the bus stop in Bang Lum Poo bus stop, opposite to Bawonniwet Temple,you can opt to walk right to Khao San Road that is near the Democracy Monument or walk left to Pra-artit road that lead to Thammasat University and from there you can get to the Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha easily. 
Getting back to Grande Ville, take the same bus (Bus no. 56) at the bus stop in front of Bawonniwet Temple (DO NOT take this bus on the opposite side, where you got off) and it will go around to the back of Grande Ville hotel and stop at Sampeng bus stop and you can walk following the blue line back to the hotel. (you can also get off earlier at another bus stop, shown on the map)

Going to King Tak Sin Monument,finding cheap internet and game stores.

Bus no. 56
Take the bus no. 56 from the back-of-Grande Ville bus stop or Sampeng Bus stop, crossing Prapokklao Bridge to Thonburi area. You can get off at the first bus stop after it has crossed the bridge before it makes a turn and walk to King Tak Sin Monument (Wong Wian Yai) which is not so far away or you can opt to stay on the bus and get off at the first or second bus stop after it makes a turn at Baan Khak Junction (the first intersection before Tak Sin Monument) and enjoy browsing the busy area where cheap game and internet stores (15 Baht/hour and 10 Baht/hour after 6 pm) can be found. Those game stores also have PS3 terminals . 
Getting back to Grande Ville by crossing the street and take the bus no. 56 that will drop you off at the bus stop opposite to the hotel.

Going to Chinatown for delicious food.

We are in China Town area but may be a bit further from the busiest part, if you are in a lazy mood to walk along Yaowarat road to get there, you can take the open-air bus no. 40 (orange bus) from opposite the hotel to Hua Lum Pong and then back, there you will find yourself in Chinatown in no time.
Getting back from Chinatown, take the bus from where it drops you off, and it will go around to Sampeng bus stop where you can follow the blue line on the map back to the hotel.
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